Muhammad Riaz-CEO

Timekints has been in the textile industry for
over 15 years and has earned its name, value and credibility through the hard
work, efforts, and strong commitment towards quality production for each and
every one of our clients.
As we face the challenge of continuing to serve our customers in the textile
industry, as that industry changes and evolves, and we ourselves change to
better serve all of our customers across the world, I would like to focus on
what does not change; our commitment to service and quality, our leadership
of the market in which we participate, and the results: the satisfaction of our
customers, our success and our growth.
Ours is an extremely open market, we count our competitors literally by hundreds and encounter new ones every day. We don’t have one single strategy
to compete against so many and so diverse rivals, but I would mention that
most of our strategies boil down to what can be best expressed as: we always
strive hard to satisfy our customer’s needs.
My best wishes for everyone.

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